When my doctor told me that I had a tumor behind my eye, I was terrified. Going to see the Gamma Knife team at Sacred Heart made me feel a lot better about the situation. They explained things to me very well, he and his staff are very compassionate people. I was amazed this type of medical technology was in Pensacola!”

- Robyn T., Gamma Knife patient

"After the procedure, I was walking and talking like nothing had happened to me. I am headache free to this day because of the Gamma Knife treatment.”

Sal, Gamma Knife patient

“The staff was awesome before, during and after the procedure. The process was very efficient from registration through discharge. I wish all patients with brain tumors were given this treatment option. I feel blessed that I had the choice to come see this great team. I look forward to continuing our relationship as I know they will guide me in the right direction with their medical knowledge and skills. No one even knew I had “brain surgery” unless I told them!”

Patricia C., Gamma Knife patient

The procedure was not painful at all and you feel in such good hands with the Gamma Knife staff at Sacred Heart. If I had not had this treatment done, my next option was open brain surgery…Gamma Knife is a blessing!”

Katherine, Gamma Knife patient

The Gamma Knife team is awesome, I have had dealings with neurosurgeons in California, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, Sacred Heart is the best in the country! The Gamma Knife team at Sacred Heart are very capable, professional and helpful with their patients care. I have nothing negative to say about this service, what a great team!”

Albert S., Gamma Knife patient

I have been able to go on with my everyday life with very little side effects from the Gamma Knife surgery. My surgery was very urgent, I cannot thank the Gamma Knife team enough for getting me in so fast for treatment.”

Ralph R., Gamma Knife patient

“The overall experience was outstanding and I would strongly recommend it to my friends and family. The Gamma Knife helped improve my stability/coordination.

James D., Gamma Knife patient

The Sacred Heart Gamma Knife staff is the best! They are all total professionals dedicated to helping the patient in a compassionate way. Gamma Knife treatment was an “in and out” procedure with no side effects.”

Deborah H., Gamma Knife patient