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Sacred Heart Cancer Center
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Patient Testimonials
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Breast Cancer Met its Match!

Melissa Wolter is the head coach for the University of West Florida Women's Volleyball team. She is a strong young woman with seemingly boundless energy and an unshakable, optimistic outlook on life. It's hard to believe that in 2006 she was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. Determined to win this fight, she turned to Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group.

"After my doctor explained all the treatment  options and the probabilities, he told me, 'You just have to remember that you are a probability of one.' I'll never forget that."

During five months and eight rounds of chemotherapy treatments, Melissa continued to coach, rarely missing a practice. Her players responded to her inspiring courage by having their best season on record.

"My doctor took into consideration what was important to me. As a patient, it's so important to know that your doctor knows you as a person - not just a number," says Melissa.

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