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Patient Testimonials
» Bathsheba Stephens: I've Learned That Cancer Doesn't Discriminate
» Debbie Turner: Every Day is a Celebration
» Gail Rappa: A gardener. A survivor. A cancer activist.
» John McDonald: A Special Kind of Cancer Care
» Melissa Wolter: Breast Cancer Met its Match!

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Johan McDonald

A Special Kind of Cancer Care
Diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, John McDonald has had special needs for his entire life - but his family wasn't quite prepared for the special medical care he would need now. After John complained to his mother, Lillian, about pain in his groin, he was quickly diagnosed with testicular cancer and in surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital a few days later. Following surgery, he went through six weeks of chemotherapy.


Gail Rappa

A gardener. A survivor. A cancer activist.
Like the perennials that return to her garden each year, Gail Rappa of Cantonment has come back to life after two major surgeries and rigorous rounds of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Today, Gail's goal is to alert women to the symptoms of ovarian cancer and urge them to seek care if those symptoms persist for more than two weeks. "Unfortunately, there is no early-detection tool for ovarian cancer, and this cancer is diagnosed in one in 72 women," says Gail.


Bathsheba Stephens

I've Learned That Cancer Doesn't Discriminate
Bathsheba Stephens, a then 42-year-old certified nursing assistant from Ft.Walton Beach, heard three words that changed her life forever: You have cancer. Diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer that spread to her liver and ovaries, she had surgery  to remove part of her colon, and then turned to Dr. Tarek Eldawy, a medical oncologist with Sacred Heart Cancer Center.


Debbie Turner

Every Day is a Celebration
The longest and hardest journey of Debbie Turner's life began five years ago on the day she was diagnosed with cancer. At age 44, Debbie began her fight against advanced Stage III colon cancer.

"It was the most traumatic thing that I had ever gone through, but I certainly didn't go it alone," says Debbie. "I was lucky - I had a great team on my side."


Melissa Wolter

Breast Cancer Met its Match!
Melissa Wolter is the head coach for the University of West Florida Women's Volleyball team. She is a strong young woman with seemingly boundless energy and an unshakable, optimistic outlook on life. It's hard to believe that in 2006 she was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. Determined to win this fight, she turned to Sacred Heart Medical Oncology Group.


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