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MD Anderson Cancer Network®

MD Anderson Cancer Network™ advances its mission of eliminating cancer by collaborating with community hospitals and health systems to improve the quality of care nationwide. The network provides expertise to members such as Sacred Heart on many levels, ranging from quality assurance and specialty disease programs to full clinical integration.  Our Cancer Center benefits from the knowledge of a leading cancer center through access to best practices, leading edge technologies, patient treatment protocols, education, research and a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

The MD Anderson Cancer Network™ is composed of credentialed medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and cancer surgeons from the community who utilize MD Anderson's evidence based clinical care guidelines in the care of the Participants. The evidence-based guidelines were developed at MD Anderson by teams of specialists from most cancer diagnosis.

What are MD Anderson's Evidence-Based Clinical Care Guidelines?

  • They are tailored, disease-specific, evidence-based guidelines developed for the treatment of cancer, based on the best known outcomes for patients receiving treatment.
  • They are supported by the expert opinion of MD Anderson physicians specializing in the treatment of cancer.
  • MD Anderson evidence based care plans form the foundation for determining the precise extent of the disease (staging) and utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment provided by the expertise of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons and oter supportive care givers.

To learn more about the MD Anderson Cancer Network, visit the MD Anderson web site.

Meet Our MD Anderson Liaison

Jocelyn Longo, BSN is our MD Anderson Liaison. She works with our physicians and MD Anderson Staff to help coordinate patient care between facilities.

If you have any questions regarding our partnership with MD Anderson, please contact Jocelyn at 850-416-2769.

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