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Radiation Oncology Services

Radiation Oncology at Sacred Heart Cancer CenterYears of Experience Working for You

Drs. Gerald Lowrey and Robert Marcus are highly-trained radiation oncologists with a long history of providing advanced cancer care for patients in Northwest Florida. Together, they have over 50 years of experience in the field of radiation oncology. They work closely with other physicians such as surgical oncologists, other surgeons, internal medicine subspecialists and medical oncologists, as part of the multi-disciplinary cancer team at Sacred Heart.

In keeping with our commitment to provide the highest standard of patient care in the community, we are pleased to provide the Trilogy™, one of the most powerful and advanced form of radiation therapy available today.  Thanks to its precision, Trilogy can deliver higher doses of radiation directly to cancer cells while sparing more of the surrounding healthy tissue and organs. The versatile Trilogy system combines imaging and treatment technologies, and can be used to deliver the widest range of external beam radiotherapies.

Trilogy Patient Benefits

  • Through more precise targeting of the beam, radiotherapy can be more effective at treating disease while simultaneously reducing side effects of the treatment.

  • Due to the increased accuracy and power, smaller lesions can be treated more quickly, easily and effectively.

  • State-of-the-art motion management techniques allow doctors to coordinate treatment with a patient's breathing patterns. During these treatments, patients can continue to breathe naturally, reducing stress and increasing comfort.

  • Radiotherapy can be used to treat more different types of cancer, which means that more patients can be spared the invasive techniques of surgery and/or chemotherapy.

 Watch an American Cancer Society video Radiation Therapy >>

For more information about Sacred Heart Cancer Center’s radiation oncology program, please give us a call at 850-416-6700.

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