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Regional Neonatal & Pediatric Transport Services

Medical transportation services from Sacred Heart Health System are available day and night to bring prematurely born, critically ill and injured babies and children to The Children’s Hospital for lifesaving care from our team of board-certified physicians across 28 medical specialties.

Each year, The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart utilizes both ground and air transportation to serve approximately 500 prematurely born and critically ill infants and children. If a higher level of care is needed, our transport team is equipped to take patients to larger facilities.

Fleet Facts: Ground Transportation

Sacred Heart’s ground transportation fleet includes the following:

  • Dedicated Neonatal Critical Care Transport Unit stationed at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast in Miramar Beach and covering an area within a three-hour radius.
  • Dedicated Neonatal Critical Care Transport Unit stationed at The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart in Pensacola and covering an area within a three-hour radius of Pensacola.
  • Dedicated Pediatric Critical Care Transport Unit, covering a three-hour radius from The Children's Hospital in Pensacola.

These mobile critical-care units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and transport infants and children from Northwest Florida, southern Georgia and southern Alabama to The Children’s Hospital.

Sacred Heart’s three critical care ground-transport units are specially designed to decrease noise and vibration. In addition to the critical medical-support equipment, these units are equipped with TV/DVD players (for our older patients) and multiple levels of communication (radio, cellular and satellite) systems.

The pediatric critical care transport unit also includes $30,000 telemedicine equipment -- such as microphones, secure Wi-Fi connection and webcams positioned to provide views of the patient from side and aerial angles. With these teleconference functions, emergency room and pediatric intensivist physicians onsite at The Children’s Hospital can examine a patient remotely and even give orders for treatment before the child arrives at the hospital.

Other functions include a virtual stethoscope, which when held to the patient’s chest by an EMT inside the transport unit, detects a heartbeat that can be heard by the physician inside The Children’s Hospital in Pensacola. Telemedicine is especially helpful when a patient’s status changes during transport or when EMTs need a physician’s order to stabilize or make a patient more comfortable while in transit.

Because of telemedicine, children in transport also benefit from being able to see their physician and their nurses via webcam before arriving onsite at The Children’s Hospital. This has been shown to alleviate anxiety, both while a child is being transported and when they arrive for their stay at the hospital.

Walmart is a major donor of the new Neonatal Critical Care Transport Unit, along with The Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation and the Caduceus Society of the Emerald Coast.

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