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Why Choose Us?

There’s a reason why more people in Northwest Florida trust their hearts to Sacred Heart. We perform more cardiovascular procedures and surgeries than any hospital in the Pensacola area. We also have been recognized in a 2011 national study of hospitals for having patient outcomes that are significantly better than the national average for treatment of both heart attack and heart failure.

 For 40 years, Sacred Heart Hospital has been the regional leader in bringing the latest technological advances and advanced cardiac procedures to benefit patients with heart disease.

Sacred Heart’s list of “firsts” for the region includes:

  • First open heart surgery (1972)
  • First balloon angioplasty (1981)
  • First coronary atherectomy (1991)
  • First coronary stent implanted (1993)
  • First use of Rotablator device to clear blocked arteries (1994)
  • First minimally-invasive coronary bypass surgery (1996)
  • First dedicated Chest Pain Center (1997)
  • First use of robotic device in heart surgery (1998)
  • First to acquire a heart-assisting pump to assume the workload of the heart’s ventricles in life-threatening situations
  • First to offer non-invasive scanning of the heart via a “64-slice” CT scanner (2005)
  • First procedure to implant a drug-coated stent to treat peripheral vascular disease (2014)

Today, we remain a leader in utilizing new techniques such as placement of cardiac catheters through an artery in the wrist, a procedure which carries less risk of bleeding compared to the traditional approach of entering the catheter through a leg artery.

At Sacred Heart, we’re committed to providing our cardiac patients with streamlined, personal care, from highly trained professionals you can trust. That means we provide advanced treatment options, explained and carried out by physicians who take time to make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.




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