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Wayne Selkirk: I Thought I Just Needed to Catch My Breath
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“I Thought I Just Needed to Catch My Breath” Mr. Selkirk on the tennis court.

“Call his wife – he needs an ambulance,” a tennis buddy suggested. But Wayne Selkirk, a 69-year-old Pensacola resident and avid tennis player, insisted he was fine and just needed to catch his breath.

It turns out, his friends were right. During the ambulance ride to Sacred Heart Hospital, EMS workers determined Wayne was having a heart attack. “I remember the paramedic saying, ‘He’s having a big one,’ but until then, it never occurred to me that I was having a heart attack!”

Dr. Mark Grise, an interventional cardiologist with Sacred Heart Cardiology, was waiting at the Emergency Room when the ambulance arrived and immediately took him to the cardiac cath lab. “Within 21 minutes – a hospital record at the time – we opened his completely blocked artery and inserted a stent to keep it open and restore blood flow to the heart,” says Dr. Grise. “Because everything happened so quickly, his heart sustained no significant damage, and he’s doing very well.”

Wayne was back on the tennis court within four weeks and now feels like his old self. “I received first-class care from very attentive nurses. Dr. Grise has a manner about him that’s just wonderful. I would recommend him and Sacred Heart to anyone.”

Dr. Grise specializes in interventional cardiac and peripheral artery procedures. He performs minimally-invasive procedures to restore blood flow through narrowed or blocked coronary arteries. He specializes in performing these procedures through the radial artery in the wrist, offering patients a safer and more comfortable procedure compared to the traditional placement of a catheter into an artery in the groin. He has participated in numerous research trials and has been involved in teaching physicians new interventional techniques.

Learn more about Dr. Grise.


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