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Interventional Cardiology

Don't be scared by the ominous name -- Interventional Cardiology.

If youíve heard about heart stents and angioplasty, you know something about interventional cardiology. Itís a proven way for trained cardiologists to use minimally invasive techniques to treat blockages in the arteries without invasive surgery.

The results: Patients suffer much less pain and often can go home earlier Ė sometimes on the same day they are treated.

Traditional techniques include balloon angioplasty, drug-coated stents, rotational atherectomy (sanding or roto-rooter) and extraction (suction.)

In addition, many patients are eligible for a new catheter technique which is safer and causes much less discomfort than traditional catheterization. Dr. Mark Grise, who became a leading practitioner of the technique while at Oschner Clinic in New Orleans, brought his expertise to Sacred Heart in 2011. The new catheter method, in which a catheter is advanced through a wrist artery rather than the femoral artery in groin, reduces chances of bleeding and is much more comfortable for the patient during recovery.

Our Sacred Heart team also is trained in use of the Impella device, a pencil-sized pump that takes over some of the work of the heart and improves blood flow during procedures.

The pump is capable of pumping 2.5 liters of blood per minute to reduce strain on the heart and supply blood to vital organs during high-risk procedures. The pump adds a level of safety to the procedure for a patient whose heart is so weak that it might falter or stop during the procedure.

New technology and advanced methods like these are just a few of the many advantages of choosing Sacred Heart Regional Heart & Vascular Institute.For more information, call our Cardiac Nurse Navigators at 850-416-BEAT (2328).

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