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Cardiac surgery at Sacred Heart's Regional Heart and Vascular Institute in Pensacola includes not only conventional coronary artery bypass surgery, but also off-pump bypass surgery that is done without stopping the heart or putting the patient on a heart-lung machine during surgery.

Sacred Heart Hospital was the area's first hospital to provide cardiac bypass surgery and one of the first hospitals in the United States to pioneer the technique of off-pump or beating heart surgery.

We also provide a less invasive, small incision surgery to repair the mitral valve of the heart.  By making a small incision between the ribs of the chest, the technique avoids a large incision down the sternum.  This approach means a faster and less painful recovery for patients with fewer complications.

Sacred Heart also introduced a new surgical procedure to treat irregular heartbeat, a common but potentially deadly heart rhythm disorder. The new surgical approach uses a high intensity ultrasound device to safely treat irregular heartbeat without having to place the patient on a heart-lung bypass machine. The procedure destroys specific heart muscle cells that transmit erratic heart rhythms.

The full spectrum of cardiac valve surgery also is performed at Sacred Heart, including valve replacement with tissue valves or mechanical valves (plastic or metal).

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