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Enhanced External Counter-pulsation (EECP) Therapy

EECP therapy consists of a system of three sets of cuffs, similar to blood pressure cuffs, which are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips and are rapidly inflated and deflated in sync with the patientís heartbeat. Using a heart monitor, the cuffs sequentially inflate with air when the heart relaxes and deflate when the heart pumps. The timing of the inflation and deflation makes it easier for the heart to pump, increases blood supply to the heart, and decreases cardiac workload.†This therapy has been proven safe and effective in relieving angina symptoms and improving blood flow, cardiac output, and circulation in heart failure patients.

EECP therapy is administered in the Sacred Heart Cardiology office under the medical direction of Dr. James Williams and under the constant medical supervision of cardiac rehabilitation exercise specialists who have received advanced training in administering EECP therapy. All patients are pre-screened for a course of treatment that involves a seven- to nine-week series of hour-long therapy sessions. This non-invasive therapy is considered an alternative to medications, stents, and cardiac bypass surgery, but is currently used mostly when these treatments have already been tried and no additional options remain.

EECP therapy EECP therapy
Qualifying patients receive hour-long EECP therapy
sessions administered by specially-trained cardiac
rehabilitation specialists.
Sacred Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation specialist,
Tracy D., monitors patient vitals during an
EECP therapy session.

For more information about EECP therapy at Sacred Heart or to make a screening appointment with Dr. Williams at the Sacred Heart Cardiology office in Pensacola, please call (850) 416-4970.

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