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How to Donate Toys, Games and Supplies

Thank you for your interest in giving to the sick and injured children at The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart! We welcome donations of toys, games and activities that can be utilized by families at the bedside or in our playrooms, for those children able to leave their rooms.

Guidelines include the following:

  • Items must be new
  • Toys must be washable (plastic or wood)
  • Please no toys with violent themes

If you would like to donate handmade items to our children in the hospital, please see our online guide, which includes patterns for some of our most beloved and needed items.


Donations may be delivered to the information desk in the hospital’s main lobby Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please sort items by age, and be sure to complete a donation record card while you are there so that our team can acknowledge your gift.

For the health, safety and privacy of patients and hospital visitors, all donations must be accepted in the hospital lobby. Individuals and groups are not permitted to pass out donations directly to patients or families.

Donations may also be mailed or shipped to:

Attn: Child Life Department
The Studer Family Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart
5151 N. Ninth Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32504

For questions or more information about our Wish List, please call the Child Life Department at 850-416-2657.

Children's Hospital Wish List

For convenience, you may also choose to send gifts directly to The Children's Hospital via our Amazon Wish List! Just select an item, and it will be delivered directly to our team! Plus, a portion of what you spend comes back to The Children's Hospital as a monetary donation through the Amazon Smile program for non-profits.

Infant Toys

•    Balls
•    Instruments
•    Large Toddler Trucks/Cars
•    Light Up / Musical Toys
•    Mirrors
•    Mobiles
•    Music Boxes / Aquariums
•    Plastic Blocks
•    Plastic Links
•    Rattles
•    Remote Controls
•    Riding Car (w/ handle for parents to push)
•    Sippy Cups
•    Teethers
•    Telephones


•    Body Wash
•    Brushes / Combs
•    Deodorant
•    Lotion
•    Shampoo / Conditioner
•    Toothbrushes
•    Toothpaste

Art Supplies

•    #2 Pencils
•    Art/Drawing Pads
•    Chalk
•    Color Pencils
•    Coloring Books (child and adult)
•    Crayons
•    Fuzzy Posters
•    Journals
•    Marker Boards
•    Notebooks
•    Paint Pens
•    Paint Strips
•    Poster board
•    Washable Markers


•    Crossword Books
•    Regular Playing Cards
•    Uno Cards
•    Word Find Books


•    Baby Dolls (all ethnic groups)
•    Barbies (all ethnic groups)
•    Bracelet making kits
•    Bubbles
•    Dinosaurs
•    Doll House Toys
•    Flarp
•    Little People Figures
•    Matchbox Cars
•    Medical Play Kits
•    Orbeez
•    Party Blowers
•    Play Kitchen Dishes
•    Play Kitchen Food
•    Play Tools (for workbench)
•    Playdough / Playdough Tools
•    See & Say Toys
•    Shape Sorters
•    Silly String
•    Slinkys
•    Small Lego Kits
•    Squeeze Balls
•    Stuffed Animals
•    Themed Toys

  • Disney Princesses
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Paw Patrol
  • Peppa Pig
  • Princess Sofia
  • Super Hero Characters
  • Trolls

•    Whistles
•    X-Box Controllers

Clothing & Bedding

•    Baby Mittens/Onesies/Socks
•    Blankets (small & large)
•    Boys Underwear (Size 4T – 14)
•    Crib Kickers
•    Girls Underwear (Size 4T – 14)
•    Hair Accessories
•    Nail Polish
•    Pillowcases


•    Baby Exersaucer
•    CDs (classical, relaxation, Kidz Bop)
•    Fidget spinners
•    Fun Cups
•    High Chairs
•    Infant Swing
•    Manicure Sets
•    Mini Flashlights
•    Pill Boxes (For teaching medication compliance to teens)
•    Portable CD Players
•    Portable DVD Players
•    Water Bottles


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