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What to Expect During Your Stay

All rooms at The Children’s Hospital are private and have either a bed or a crib for the child, couches, recliners and a pull-out sofa or cot for parents to sleep in overnight. In progressive care rooms, one parent may stay overnight. Visitors age 18 and under are not allowed to stay overnight in hospital rooms or in the lobby.

Every patient room has a private shower, which parents may use when staying overnight.

Your child's room also includes such features as:

  • Call Light – Located beside each bed/crib, the call light also contains the TV channel changer. The red button on the switch will notify the nurses’ station that you need assistance.
  • Communication Boards – Located inside each room, these dry-erase boards let you know the treatment plan for the day, times for hourly rounding checks and the members of our care team who are caring for your child today.
  • Emergency Light Cord – Located in the bathrooms and shower/tub rooms, this red cord is available for immediate emergency assistance.
  • Phones – Phones are located beside the beds in all patient rooms. Patients must dial “9” to make a call to a number outside the hospital.
    • To allow our patients to rest, no incoming calls will be accepted between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Calls during this time will automatically go through the nurses’ station. However, you may dial out during these times.
    • Your room’s phone number is (850) 416-8+ room number. Please dial “0” for assistance making long-distance calls.
  • Thermostat – Each room is equipped with its own thermostat, and room temperature can be adjusted for your comfort level.
  • TVs and DVD/VCRs – Located in each patient room. DVDs and videos are available for loan in the laundry room across from the playroom.


Please limit the number of visitors in your child's room to prevent the spread of germs. More information about our visitor policy can be found here.

Your Child's Primary Care Team

Your child's primary care team will include people from various professions. All staff wear identification badges.

On each shift, a registered nurse (RN) is assigned to care for your child. The nurse is your main contact with other members of your child's health care team.

The attending physician is your child's main doctor while at the hospital. The attending physician leads the team developing the treatment plan for your child.

Teaching Hospital

The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart is a teaching hospital, which means we provide hands-on educational training to students in the medical field. At The Children’s Hospital, you will encounter medical students in their final years of studying and who are training in patient care, as well as resident physicians who have graduated from medical school and are training in a specific area of medicine before they go on to their own practices. All students and residents are closely supervised by experienced physicians.

If your child is seen by one of our pediatric hospitalists, a team of physicians – including residents – will be involved in your child’s care. This means that your child could be seen and examined by several different people. Our team works hard to facilitate communication and to coordinate care during your hospital stay. Our goal is to create a smooth transition between pediatric specialists and back to your primary physician’s care following treatment.

Daily Routine

Being in the hospital can be stressful and confusing at times, but knowing what to expect can help to put your mind at ease. Below, please find a few guidelines on a typical daily routine for your stay at The Children’s Hospital.

  • Vital Signs (temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure) are done by a nursing technician or your child’s nurse every 4 to 8 hours, depending on what your child’s physician has ordered. Vital signs will be done more frequently if a closer assessment is needed on your child, such as after surgery or a procedure.
  • Report on Shift Change – this is when nurses on your unit meet with the previous shift to get a brief report on your child’s progress and needs. This report is given at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day and lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Hourly Rounding – nurses and nursing technicians will check on you and your child every hour during the day and at least every two hours during the night to asses for pain, check the IV pump, answer questions and be sure that you have the supplies that you need. Please let us know if you or child needs anything.
  • Lab Work – if ordered by your child’s physician, lab work is routinely drawn between 5 and 7 a.m. to ensure that results will be available when your child’s doctor reviews it in the morning.
  • Intake and Output – you can help our staff by observing how many times your child uses the bathroom, as well as what your child eats and drinks throughout the day.
  • Weight – this is measured daily on children under 6 months of age or as ordered by your child’s physician.

Explore Our Playrooms & Healing Garden

The Children’s Hospital features an innovative floor plan that includes a playroom and a rooftop healing garden for all!

PlayroomRooftop Garden

The playroom has been specially designed with our younger children in mind.  Age-appropriate books, games and toys are available for use in the playroom, as well as at the bedside. Swings, bouncy seats, mobiles, high chairs and wagons are also available. For the safety of our patients, we ask that children under the age of 10 be supervised by an adult.

Rooftop Healing Garden

Found on the roof of Children’s Hospital, the Rooftop Healing Garden and was designed as a respite area for patients and families to enjoy fresh air and warm sunshine peacefully during their stay. The area provides a quiet retreat, as well as small recreational equipment for young children.

The garden was made possible from proceeds raised through the 2011 Cordova Mall Ball and the Krewe of Les Petits Enfants, as well as the Purple Heart Kids Gang and numerous other generous community donors.

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