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New Imaging System Provides Detailed Images of the Brain

Every second counts when diagnosing neurological conditions, such as strokes, blood clots and brain aneurysms.

Sacred Heart Health System is the only hospital in the region utilizing a state-of-the-art neurointerventional biplane system that enables neurologists to quickly locate blockages or malformations so they can provide the most effective treatment.

The biplane system has two rotating cameras that recreate detailed 3D views of blood vessels leading to the brain, within the brain, and their relationship to the tissues of the head and neck. Producing images simultaneously from two regions of a patient’s head – from front to back and side to side –  decreases the time it takes to complete a neurological angiogram and reduces the amount of contrast material that is required.

These images also provide neurologists with improved visualization for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as minimally-invasive endovascular procedures where a neurosurgeon uses special instruments to repair blood vessels of the brain and neck.

The biplane system is a key part of the hospital’s plan to become a Comprehensive Stroke Program.  Currently, SHHP is a Primary Stroke Center and is upgrading its capabilities to provide the highest level of care as a Comprehensive Stroke Center designated by The Joint Commission.


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