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Children's Hospital Construction Monitored Daily by No. 1 Fan

Posted: 4/6/2018

Joshua with his hospital sketch and Mom

Thousands of Sacred Heart associates, patients and families are pleased to see a new Studer Family Children’s Hospital under construction on the campus of Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. But when it comes to the actual construction of the building itself, Sacred Heart’s #1 fan is a young man named Joshua Wilhelm.

His mother, Tiffany, says her son has autism -- and a fascination with buildings and construction. Every day, Joshua goes to a computer in his West Pensacola home and links to a live view of the Children’s Hospital construction from a webcam overlooking the site.

In addition to his daily monitoring of building’s progress, Joshua and his Mom also drive to Sacred Heart once a week and go up to the top of the 9th Avenue parking garage. From there, they have the best close-up view of the entire project.

“Every Thursday, we come out here, and we’re taking pictures, rain or shine,” says Tiffany.

Once he has his photos -- and he has hundreds of them --Joshua returns home and works on his detailed sketches of the four-story building.

Tiffany doesn’t know what got Joshua so interested in buildings, but before the Children’s project, he was interested in the Bayou Tower project that was completed on the Sacred Heart campus in 2014.

His grandfather, Horace Crutchfield, says 21-year-old Joshua “has been obsessed with Sacred Heart. He loves building.”

Joshua can be a demanding observer. His mother says he wanted the Children’s facility to be six floors instead of four, and when he goes online to see the project, he is unhappy if the workers, cranes and equipment are not moving about the busy site. He also has plenty of questions about the construction and Sacred Heart’s future plans. He knows Children’s Hospital will open in early 2019, and he had one question for a Sacred Heart associate who met Joshua on Tuesday.

He asked: “What is the next building in 2020?” 



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